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How to get married in Las Vegas?

The four places you have to go to are (see on the map):

  1. Marriage License Burreau, 200 S. Third Street
  2. Post Office
  3. Courthouse or any Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas
  4. Clark County Recorder's Office
Map of Las Vegas
This is a map of downtown Las Vegas. This is the Clark County Courthouse.
This is the Clark County Recorder's Office (and me).  

These are the samples of the documents you will get:

Marriage License

the upper part of the Marriage Certificate, and


the upper part of the Apostille from the Secretary of State / Recorder's Office (which will be sent later to you).

All the best for you in Las Vegas! We've done it!

Here are some links to Las Vegas:
The Marriage Rules of Nevada.
The official Clark County, Nevada Home Page.



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