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That's my Astropage !

Hi, my name is Gerhard. I'm living near to Cologne, Germany (with bad seeing conditions). I own a Celestron C8 Schmidt-Cassegrain. You can see some of my first Astrophotos below.  I made the photos with a Connectix CCD camera and a Minolta SRT101. The Connectix is really a low cost camera, but for beginners it's ok. You can take pictures of the moon and the planets.Thanks to Hanno Mueller for the description how to disassemble a b&w Quickcam. Here are some pictures of my disassembled Quickcam.

Some of my Connectix pictures:

JupiterJupiter, 19th Nov 97
JupiterJupiter, 10th Aug 98 
The different angles are due to the fixing of the connectix to my telescope. I should improve it.
JupiterJupiter, 23rd Sept 98 
The pictures are getting better!
Jupiter + two moonsJupiter and two of his moons. 10th Aug 98
SaturnSaturn, 18th Nov 97 
Unsharp Mask
SaturnSaturn, 23rd Sept 98
Mars Mars, 31st Aug 2003
MarsMars, 17th Sept 2003 Very good visible was the polar icecap.
MoonMoon, Montes Alpes and Vallis Alpes, 4th Feb 98
Moon Moon, 17th Sept 2003
Moon Moon, 17th Sept 2003
Some real photos:
M13 My first photo! M13 
20th May; Outdorp, Netherland 
Eyepiece projection, Off-Axis Guider, 10 min. on Fujichrome Provia 1600 ASA.
Orion NebulaeMy picture of the Orion Nebulae. Seeing was bad.

Here you can see my picture from the launch of Cassini from Cape Canaveral.