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Some pictures of my disassembled B/W Quickcam

I've mounted the Quickcam into a dust cover of a camera lens. This makes it easy to mount the Quickcam onto the T-Ring for your camera. The T-Ring you need to make pictures with a regular camera.
The fault I made is, that I've mounted the Quickcam in the middle of the dust cap. As the CCD chip is not symmetrical the CCD cells are not centered. After you center the object with the eyepiece and you change the eyepiece with the Quickcam the object is off the visible field. So make sure the CCD cells are in the center! 

(The trick to find the object is to defocus the telescope. With a bright object like Jupiter you will see a part of the big unsharp picture. Then you know in wich direction you have to move the telescope)

I used a strap to fix the cable to the dust cap. The three tapes on the cap are just to close the gap between cap and T-Ring.
Here you can see the electronic board. I've increased the two small fixing holes of the board and used two little screws and nuts of a wire connector to screw the board to the dust cap.
This is the Quickcam connected to the T-Ring.

1st November 2004 [Counter] Besucher